This is What 300 Grams of Hash Looks Like

I’ve seen 100 gram hash slabs. I’ve seen 200 gram slabs. I’ve seen a Dragon Ball Z Orb of Dabs. But I have never seen a slab that’s bigger than my dog until this 300 gram slab surfaced on Reddit today and is likely the largest slab ever.

I think I just died and went to hash heaven cause just looking at this juicy slab makes my Jew plums tingle:

holy slab


(Yes, that shit is definitely flammable)——————————–^

Of all the slabs in the land of dabs that I’ve seen from labs to Instagram, this one takes the cake in a relative landslide. Although the orb has more sex appeal and perhaps more hash, the size and stability of this slab is next level.

In case you were wondering how much weed was used to make this 300 gram work of hash art, an ENT has spoken:

[–]mastererrlI’m assuming they’re running at least some pretty decent stuff so probably 4-6 g’s per oz. Being in the middle and guessing they ran about 5g’s per oz, it would be ~60 ounces or about 3.75lbs (assuming 5g/oz) to make this. So going with that, I would say depending on quality of materials, they used anywhere from 3lb’s to 4.5lbs (if it was lower quality or maybe mixed with trim)”

TLDR: 3-4.5 pounds of weed was turned into 300 grams of hash

If you have a real job and don’t blog about weed all day, looking at R/Trees at work may cause serious fits of agony.





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