Bob Marley Launches Marijuana Brand: Marley Natural

Bob Marley and marijuana have been a match made in heaven ever since the reggae legend was born in 1945 (or shortly thereafter). Marley, his music, and his way of life have–both during his life and thereafter–become emblematic of the marijuana movement and the freedom to smoke up.

So it comes as little surprise that the Marley estate (his family) have announced the launch of a new, modern line of Marley products: ones with weed to be incorporated in them. The brand is called “Marley Natural” and “will include pot-infused creams, accessories (like vaporizers in the style of e-cigarettes) and strains of “heirloom Jamaican cannabis,” inspired by the herb that Marley enjoyed in extravagant, finger-sized joints.”

The Marleys have teamed up with Privateer Holding (who also owns Leafly and Tilray) to launch what one day aims to–and very well could be–the first worldwide marijuana brand of note. Yes, it’s a natural sign of capitalism, but if any man (or his family) deserves to benefit from marijuana’s vast progression, it’s Bob Marley, a man who lost his life by shunning modern medicine.

And his family appears aware of this impending criticism: Some may doubt that her humble Rastafarian husband would support the frank capitalism of Marley Natural. For them Rita had this message: ‘You can depend on Bob, too. He’s 100 percent behind what is happening. He’s happy because this is what we dreamed of,’ she said, referring to a legal regulated market for marijuana.” [NBC]

If you helped built the freedom and support behind marijuana–as Bob and his music have for decades–than you of all people deserve to benefit from its newfound acceptance.

But the future of Marley Natural becomes a matter of politics, time, and product. Weed remains federally illegal, so its hard (well, impossible) to have a nationwide, consistent brand. If and when federally legalization comes, that changes. As for the product: if it’s good (or at least good enough), Marley Natural becomes a household name immediately. If it’s not up to snuff, however, it will meet the critique of expert growers and weed snobs.

But it’s Bob Marley, so I doubt the average consumer will care if the flush of these buds are a little off point. Naturally, Marley Natural has winner written all over it.

Because while we’ve seen celebrities try to enter this sphere–politicians like Gary Johnson has made mild waves and Chief Keef’s lame attempt at opening up a dispensary–this entrance from Bob Marley’s estate is by far the most renowned and the one with the most potential.

Because who in their right minds doesn’t love Bob Marley and wouldn’t mind smoking a joint certified by the legend himself?

Like Bob Marley, the brand appears to be all about good ole’ Irie vibes:

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 8.51.40 AM


Here’s the full (very nice) video announcing the release with who other than Bob himself soundtracking it.



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