Cannabis “Sizzurp” Now Exists

But instead of codeine-laced leans, this medication only includes THC and organic material. With an RL Stine-esque design and 1/3 gram of shatter in every ounce of this Cannabvis syrup, this medicine looks scary good and scary strong:



As you can see, nearly all ingredients in this “Aquaberry Grape Flavor” are organic. You can drink this like you would Nyquil or use it to spice up a virgin beverage of your choice. Just make sure you start low and go slow, as the hash in this product is potent and a 1/4 ounce dose should do the trick for novice consumers.

Found at Puddeltown Organic in Portland, Cannavis’ “Medicated THC Syrup” is definitely the first flavored medical syrup that I’ve stumbled across. The product comes in multiple flavors.





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