Clams Casino’s New Instrumental Tape Is More of That Mystic Shit We Love

Whenever I go into a new work day I do three things: pop my lunch in the fridge, check my emails, and listen to whatever Clams Casino uploaded the night before… Okay, you got me, I don’t always bring lunch, but when I do it’s gotta be refrigerated.

Regardless of what I’m eating today, Clams just dropped his newest mixtape, Instrumentals 4, which can be downloaded as well. It includes instrumentals he made for Vince Staples, A$AP Ferg, and Danny Brown. So, even if you’ve been sleeping on Clams, you’re bound to have heard something of his recently.

Before reviewing anything I like to see how it bumps and how it affects my productivity. They need to be partners. After I start writing I like to restart the record. Music, to me, needs to be fluid, it needs to accompany me daily. The music can’t play an antagonistic role. I don’t normally listen to instrumental tracks but that doesn’t matter, if I can achieve all that I need to achieve, to me, it’s good music.

The track list is as follows. Listen to the new Clams, below:

01 Say Your Prayers
02 Uncle (A$AP Ferg)
03 Wavey
04 Stem / Long Stem Remix (DJ Shadow)
05 Time
06 Worth It (Danny Brown)
07 Surf (Vince Staples)
08 Norf Norf (Vince Staples)
09 Kali Yuga (Ghostmane)
10 Leave With You (Lucki)
11 Elastic Heart Remix (Sia)
12 Talk It (A$AP Ferg)
13 Summertime (Vince Staples)

Clams does not disappoint. The rest is for you to decide.

– Grip




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