From Coal to Weed in West Virginia?

West Virginia will begin opening up applications to apply for hemp cultivation for commercial purposes. According to Marijuana Business Daily, the state already has 14 hemp licenses dedicated to research only, however, West Virginia has seen the huge tax befits in other states and is ready to jump into the green ocean.

Successful applicants would join members of the West Virginia Farmers Association who hold 14 licenses to farm hemp for research purposes. Those original farmers, who currently are growing 30 acres of the crop over 11 counties, now will be permitted to cultivate commercially.

Hemp plants can be converted into such products as CBD – which is legal in West Virginia – as well as food, oils and various fibers. Still, the bill has no language regarding the resale, cultivation, and consumption of finished cannabis products.

Legalization takes time and is never easy to understand, as W.V. begins its journey with cannabis. One thing is for certain: the plant is starting to pop up in every state like a beautiful weed.



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