This Coffee Mug Transforms Into a Bong (For Real)

There’s a character in Cabin the Woods that carries around a coffee mug that turns into a bong whenever he feels like ripping a Sativa instead of some Coffee. In what turns into a really bizarre horror film, this character, Marty, ends up using the coffee mug bong as a weapon when shit hits the fan.

bong fight

There are two immediate thought that enter the average stoner’s mind while watching this film:

1) Don’t break your bong, man


2) Where the hell can I find one of these bongs to buy?

We finally have an answer to that question thanks to the innovative folks at Coffee Mug Pipe. Their patent pending product isn’t available for purchase just yet, but will be soon. And when that day comes, it will probably fast become a stoner staple.

Here’s how the bong works:

“When it’s time to smoke tobacco, simply unsnap the bottom and telescope the device out. Perfect for your tobacco smoking needs. The handle of the coffee cup then unscrews and is inserted into the base. The mouthpiece that you smoke from is located on the top horizontal portion of the handle. Very easy to use design!. The ultimate coffee mug pipe!”

So the Coffee Mug Water Pipe because the world definitely needs it:

cofee bong

h/t iO9



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