Florida Man Hides Weed in His Fat Rolls

Man Hides Weed in Fat

This guy really took the term pot belly to a new low.  I mean come on what man hides weed in his own fat?  I guess this guy from Florida does…

“Deputies found marijuana nestled in the stomach chub of a 450-pound Florida man known as “Fat Boy.”  The drug-running suspect and his driver were pulled over near Osteen on Friday for not wearing a seat belt.

But the two men appeared nervous and the deputy called in a drug-sniffing dog that immediately picked up on cocaine in the front seat and traces of marijuana.  The deputies searched Mitchell and fount 23 grams of marijuana hidden under his fat.”

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And this guy admitted to cops that he had weed behind his nuts…another Florida guy

“Gainesville Police arrested a Delray Beach man at a Saturday traffic stop who later told them he was hiding marijuana “behind his nuts.” Officers arrested Sammy Lee Simmons, 22, on charges of marijuana possession and giving false identification, according to an arrest report.

 In the early morning, officers stopped Simmons for an equipment violation and running a red light at the 600 block of West University Avenue.  His car smelled strongly of weed, according to the arrest report.”
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