Florida and New Hampshire Take Steps Toward Cannabis Reform


There’s been some big news in cannabis this week! Activists in Florida, a state famous for its conservatism and lack of tolerance, have introduced a bill which would allow medical marijuana for some serious conditions. At the same time, the New Hampshire State House passed a bill allowing adults to possess up to an ounce of recreational cannabis. Here’s the scoop on what’s happening in both states:


Conversations about cannabis have been taboo in Florida for a very long time, but concerned parents are causing even the most conservative to change their mind. “I don’t think that this is substance abuse,” Florida Republican Representative Charles Van Zant tells NPR reporters. “I think that this is using the substance wisely, as God intended.”

Inspired by the story of Charlotte Figi, a 6-year-old with a debilitating form of epilepsy known as Dravet’s syndrome, activists have drafted a bill which would allow select cannabis strains to be prescribed to children suffering from epileptic disorders.

Some states have implemented potency caps on legally sold marijuana, but Florida’s bill aims to legalize only strains high in cannabidiol (CBD). Writers of the bill were particularly interested in Charlotte’s Web, a high CBD strain developed specifically for Charlotte Figi by the Stanley brothers of Colorado. Using tinctures and cannabis oil made from this particular strain, Charlotte was able to reduce her seizures by over 90%.

Charlotte’s story has inspired parents all over the country to look at cannabis as a potential treatment for epileptic children. All of the press the Figis and Charlotte’s Web have gained over the past six months has caused an eruption of pro-medical marijuana bills to be introduced into legislation, and the unexpected conversations in Florida are evidence that the nation’s understanding of cannabis is truly beginning to change.

New Hampshire

For the past few years, New Hampshire politicians have been out of touch with the general public in terms of cannabis. While around80% of New Hampshirites have been pro-medical cannabis for quite some time, marijuana legislation has been strangely absent from the docket so far.

All this changed Wednesday evening, as the State House narrowly passed a bill to completely legalize recreational cannabis. Unfortunately, the bill, which passed 170 to 162, may not have the power to convince New Hampshire’s Governor Maggie Hassan (D) to stick to the vote.

Though this bill’s success in the House is a major win for cannabis activists, Gov. Hassan has promised to veto the bill should it come before her, leaving House voters and canna-hopefuls out in the cold.

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