Green Friday

Forget Black Friday – Get With Green Friday

Hey all my weedhead peoples out there, I bet there isn’t a single place in the world you’d rather be less than those horrible, crowded, trash-filled Black Friday free-for-alls which have unfortunately become symbolic of the American holiday season. Personally, I haven’t participated in a black Friday ever.  No thanks I’ll wait for the even better sales that come on cyber Monday and thereafter rather than rub elbows with the trolls who come out of the woodwork on Black Friday.  Some Colorado dispensaries are dipping their finger into the Black Friday game though, offering special “Green Friday” sales with huge discounts and savings.  Some stores, like Denver’s Grass Station, are offering huge savings such as 80% off weed for early bird shoppers.  So get out there and spend some of your hard-earned money on some quality greens.  Chances are if you ask about a Green Friday sale most dispensaries will have some type of promotion.  Let us know how your holiday shopping goes!



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