Here’s 5 Things We Learned Attending Chalice Festival 2017

By: KC Orcutt

Chalice Festival made a triumphant return to the San Bernadino County Events Center this past weekend (July 7-9), with attendees of every color, creed, race, religion and marijuana-intake preference finding solace in live performances from some of hip-hop’s most beloved acts, networking with like-minded folks, checking out impeccable functional glass and vendor displays, partaking in delicious food fare, ice-cold drinks and of course, indulging in the plethora of opportunities to take a free dab.

The fourth annual edition of the festival fondly reputed as the “Coachella of Concentrates” did not disappoint, despite the Mojave Desert heat resulting in some attendees requiring medical attention.

Year after year, Chalice, comprised of the who’s who of the budding cannabis industry, showcases the best in marijuana-based products, vendors and artists, with a top-tier music line-up to match. This year’s festivities boasted headliners such as Ice Cube, STS9, Big Boi, Warren G, Curren$y, Thievery Corporation, The Lox, Cam’Ron & Juelz Santana and more. With three days as gloriously packed as that brand new bowl should be, there was no shortage of entertainment, product to take in and people to enjoy the journey with.

In celebration of 710 today, here are five things we learned attending this year’s annual Chalice Festival.

1) There’s No Such Thing As A Dumb Question About Weed

People, particularly those sitting at the opposite side of the vending table, love to answer questions about weed. It can be a little awkward going up to a random vendor to ask them about their product, but hey, that’s why we’re all here. When it comes to events such as Chalice, learning about what makes one strain, shatter, wax, resins or oil different from the next is not only important but it’s fascinating. Learning firsthand about the care and knowledge that goes into the extraction process is particularly interesting, especially with more and more users gravitating towards concentrates, in addition to or in lieu of flower.

Visiting Rosin Tech Products was a Chalice-must, with their friendly and informative staff leading demonstrations and guiding attendees through the process of making their own rosin. One attendee, a grower in town from Las Vegas, excitedly turned his own plant product into fresh rosin in less than a minute, documenting each methodical step for his friends back at home to bear witness. Rosin Tech is rapidly emerging as one of the industry’s top-tier home presses and we highly recommend checking their company out.

2) Pace Yourself *Mom Voice*

While there’s technically no such thing as overdoing it, we all can relate to learning the hard way what our own reactions to “too much” marijuana can feel like. When you’re in an environment such as Chalice, it is beyond tempting to chase a dab with an edible in the matter of moments, especially when it’s in the form of an ice-cold marijuana-infused margarita on a scorching 100+ degree day. We definitely wish that there were air conditioned nap stations scattered throughout the festival grounds for predicaments such as these, so hopefully organizers will take note of that brilliant suggestion.

Drinking water also is just as important. Vendors were particularly hospitable about sharing their water supplies this year and given the harsh heat of a summer day in the middle of the desert, it was beyond appreciated and necessary.

3) Stoners Love Free Shit

Throughout each performance, various sponsors of Chalice gave away promotional items, such as pre-rolls (thank you, thank you, thank you), t-shirts, lanyards (hopefully no one lost their keys thanks to these), small glass one-hitters (maybe pass these out by hand next year, because, #ouch), lighters and more. At one point, the giveaways dragged on longer than the sets themselves, resulting in a pleased majority of the packed crowd walking away with some sort of souvenir, with many sharing the freebies instead of keeping them for themselves. Special thanks to comedian Stoner Rob and Adam Ill (Getting High With) for making sure that there were more than enough pre-roll joints to go around and encouraging attendees to spark such gifts immediately. There’s no such thing as bogarting at Chalice and for that, we salute y’all. Plus, who are we to front? We love free weed.

4) Hip-Hop And Weed Makes Everything Better

While we personally weren’t able to catch every performer and caught plenty of FOMO as a result, the ones who we were lucky enough to catch reminded us that the combination of hip-hop and weed simply makes everything better.

As the Lox powered through their allotted timeslot early Saturday evening, the blazed-up crowd wasn’t completely dead on their feet, with Jadakiss even riling up the crowd to still have some energy despite smoking since the doors opened earlier in the day. With smoke clouds as prominent as the bass was booming, it doesn’t get much better than hearing gems such as “Wild Out,” “Power, Money & Respect,” “Don’t You Cry,” “I Get High,” and more, with a blunt in hand — outdoors and legally, no less. As the “Mighty Mighty D-Block” chant woke the crowd up, the sun began setting, marking for one of those beautiful festivals moments necessary to capture for the ‘Gram.

Later in the evening, we caught the second half of Cam’Ron and Juelz Santana’s set, with the Dipset dons feeling comfortable and right at home on the Chalice stage. As “There It Go,” “Hey Ma,” “Gangsta,” “Oh Boy” and the “Dipset Anthem” filled through the festival stage’s speakers, it’s safe to say that New York City was properly represented. We really can’t stress this enough — hip-hop paired with weed truly does make everything better.

5) We Regret Going to Chalice – Said No One Ever

With festival season in full swing, the idea that, “Oh, there’s always next year,” is hella commonplace. While we totally understand that festivals like Chalice can put a dent in one’s bank account, especially considering how many dope (literally) vendors there are on the festival grounds to support, Chalice is continuously proving that attendees will get the best bang for their buck. Glancing around and seeing nothing but people blissfully enjoying everyone’s favorite plant truly is a special sight. Shit, we could do this every weekend. If you missed out, don’t let next year roll around with the words “I’ll go next year” leaving your lips. Trust.

Congrats to this year’s winners and cheers to the organizers involved with Chalice that made this weekend beyond worthwhile.

#Chalice2017 – Topicals/Vape cartridges winners 🙌🏼 #ChaliceFestival Americas Largest Music Glass Hash Art Festival

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#Chalice2017 – CBD winners 🙌🏼 #ChaliceFestival Americas Largest Music Glass Hash Art Festival

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