House of Cards Talks Weed in the White House

Mini Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t begun binge watching Season 3 of Netflix’s House of Cards, this clip/post spoils a slight surprise of a scene, when Frank Underwood’s biographer learns about Frank’s past profession during an episode this season. 

Like most presidents that lived in the real White House, Kevin Spacey’s coldblooded fictional president Frank Underwood also smoked weed during his formative years. In the clip below, a drunkish Spacey drops his guard for a moment and talks about his past.

And his past involves growing the dope and selling the dope:

The homie Franky Underwood grew that dope! #houseofcards #deadpresidents #kevinisspacey

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Sadly, the show has not yet shown Spacey lighting up in the White House a la JFK. But given the current state of foreign affairs between his America, Russia, and Israel along with his candidacy, the dude could certainly use an edible to ease the pain of his presidency. Since House of Cards is on Netflix, the show can be the anti-West Wing and show some edgy material. Before the show is up, let’s hope they let Spacey light one up and let Spacey get even spacier.

As for the show, it’s reaching the “climax”, and worth tuning into–there’s nothing quite like it, and Spacey is amazing to watch. When watching the show’s first season, I thought man, Kevin Spacey has aged pretty well. Since then, makeup and the stress of being a fictional president has gotten to him. But man, he really has aged, as the classic joint scene in American Beauty shows:



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