Las Vegas is About to Go Recreational, But it Gets Complicated

Nevada is set to pass its new recreational cannabis laws on July 1; meaning, all you’ll need is a legal ID and you can walk into a recreational pot shop and grab some herb.LV weed

On the backend of this, Nevada has structured the distribution rights of cannabis for the next 18 months to five wholesale alcohol companies.
The Nevada tax department wanted an open licensing process but was met with opposition from the five alcohol companies with applications still being reviewed.

Earlier this month Gov. Brian Sandavol signed an emergency regulation that ensured dispensaries could sell the remaining of their inventory to adults over 21 beyond July 1. With exclusive distribution rights to the alcohol companies, dispensaries would not be able to sell the remains of their inventory that was not procured through one of the five alcohol companies. Leaving clubs scrambling to buy every last ounce of weed in Nevada before July 1.

Dispensaries will not be able to re-up on product after July 1, as the regulations revert back to the initial language in Question 2, giving the alcohol companies complete control over distribution rights

alcohol vs cannabis
Over 80 dispensaries operating in Nevada are approved by the state tax board. According to comments made to the Las Vegas Review-Journal by spokeswomen Stephanie Klapstein, “The department is preparing an appeal to Tuesday’s ruling” in reference to Carson City Judge James Wilson’s decision to uphold the alcohol wholesale monopolization on the cannabis industry.



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