Lebanon’s Hash Men Prepare to Fight ISIS With Machetes

As ISIS wreaks havoc on the Middle East, the ruthless terrorist faction continues to take out anything and anyone that stands in its way of radicalism. That includes the Middle East’s marijuana fields, which ISIS has been burning and looting for some time.

This is what that sad destruction looks like:

isis cover


ISIS is allegedly making its way from Syria towards the Lebanon border as the group prepares to invade Lebanon and impose its will upon the nation. But about 30 miles from the Lebanon border stands an unlikely but determined opponent: hash makers.

One of the world’s beacons of hash production, Lebanon has a reputation for its mass production of Lebanese Red and Blonde hash which, like all hash, they extract from their farms. Many of these hash factories lie near the Syrian border and have been fortified by Lebanon’s rogue growers and hash makers for decades.

The country produces “thousands of tons annually”–but now ISIS poses a legitimate threat this hash production. Fortunately, Lebanon’s hash makers–along with the nation’s military force–refuse to go down without a fight:

“This is for ISIS and the Nusra Front and anyone who supports them,” says Shamas, referring to the jihadi groups encroaching on Lebanon’s border. He smiles, running the blade of his knife gently along the sleeve of his leather jacket before cutting the air with it. “We have the machetes ready for them, just like they do.” [TIME]


If and when ISIS crosses the Lebanon border, a true battle of good versus evil will unfold, and hopefully the sensimilla wins out. However it unfolds, Hollywood better have Danny Trejo cue, because Machete 3 just got a pretty epic plot line:

machete boss



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