LiveLeak: Cop Says “I Smell Weed” and Raids Car Without Consent

A cop pulled over a beat-up looking Escort (a car not a stripper) with a license plate in the back window. The newly bought vehicle is clearly a used car that’s been through miles.

Whether it was the FROGGY sticker that tipped the cop off or he just felt like being a dick to kids today, he instantly says “I Smell Weed” when he pulls over the duo. He asks them for consent to search the car, they don’t give consent, and the cops perform the search anyway.

The cops apparently find nothing and let the duo go, but this type of nonsense is a clearcut example of police officers abusing their power because they have nothing better to do than go after teenagers who may or may not just be having a good time.

Only in Ohio:

This aggression will not stand.



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