Medicinal Cannabis Oil Coming to Utah

Big news from the Beehive State (that’s Utah), as Republican Governor Gary Herbert just signed a bill legalizing Cannabis Oil for qualified medical recipients.


In signing the bill, the first of its kind in the country, Governor Herbert said: “Cannabis oils show promise of offering some relief to Utahns suffering from seizures and epilepsy and we should do all we can to help them. My concern has been that the products are produced properly and that we have the adequate protections in place. Ultimately, I am satisfied the bill provides for that and I decided to sign it.”

It may come as a surprising move in the predominantly Mormon state, a religion known for its conservative nature and ban on substances like caffeine, alcohol, and – yes – pot too.  But it seems like the public interest and welfare outweighed the traditional conservative religious notions.  It is great to see that common sense prevailed, allowing this bill to provide the relief many sufferers so desperately need: medical marijuana/cannabinoids.

The bill is commonly known as “Charlee’s Law,” after Charlee Nelson.  Nelson was one  of 50 Utah children on a Colorado waiting list for nonintoxicating cannabis oil.  Tragically, Charlee passed away while awaiting the bill to pass.



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