Missouri Legalization Coming Soon?

missouri legalization

Missouri Legalization
Jason Kander

Missouri has been a firestorm lately in the wake of the Michael Brown shooting, so maybe this would be a good thing so everyone can just smoke some weed together and chill.  It’s a scientific fact: smoking blunts together makes people closer.  Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander announced this week that a second petition calling for marijuana legalization is open for public comment.  The proposal would allow Missouri residents to use marijuana medically and recreationally, as well as grow their own plants.  Even if this initiative doesn’t eventually come to fruition, it is certainly good progress for the legalization movement.  It’s only a matter of time that Missouri legalizes and the same can probably be said for a majority of states.  Just the fact that legalization and decriminalization are now part of the converstaion and not pipe-dreams gives hope to weedheads across the nation.




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