Ole Miss Star Lineman Caught Ripping Bong on Snapchat

Ole Miss is dominating SEC football both on and off the field. Sometime after stunning the Crimson Tide and rising to the top of the nation’s best conference, star lineman Robert Nkemdichean was photographed facing a bong that looks like a pin needle in his jacked grip.

Someone sneaked a snap of Nkemdichean (say that three times fast) at what looks like an after party, sent it to his (or her) contacts for shits and giggles. One of those contacts was a Tennessee Vols fan, who then showed zero class by leaking the photo to social media.

The internet did the rest, and now Ole Miss Coach Freeze has to respond to silly questions about “off-field conduct” while trying to steer his team to a national championship.

Elsewhere in SECush news, Alabama’s fall from grace continued off the field, as a scrub tight end was busted selling a quarter pound. None of this should matter at all, but in the modern era of “oh shit he smoked weed” and “oh shit weed kills athletes’ motivation”, things like this tend to unfortunately go viral.

In summation: the SEC plays football, likes to get high, and is full of NARCs. Be careful where you toke up when you cross that Mason-Dixie line–especially if you’re a first round draft pick.

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