Poker Star Phil Ivey Wins a Las Vegas Dispensary Permit

With 10 World Series of Poker bracelets on his wrists and the smoothest swag in the poker game, Phil Ivey is “the Tiger Woods of Poker”, minus the sex scandal. Ivey is the most recognizable name on the pro poker circuit thanks to his brass and bravado on and off the table.

Now, Ivey will be taking his talents to the medical marijuana world. Las Vegas awarded Ivey one of 26 permits to open up a dispensary in the city of Las Vegas.

Ivey will look to use some of the $21 million in career poker earning to launch his new venture in Sin City. With Vegas on the cusp of becoming America’s “new Amsterdam” next year (any tourist’s medical marijuana card is valid in the state of Nevada), it’s a potential royal flush for Ivey–if the state health department approves him for the next step.

While many successful entrepreneurs from other businesses have looked to enter the legal marijuana game, Ivey is the first poker start to do so, and he’s also the perfect fit. Ivey is the type of guy who bets $1,000 on a golf shot just because he can.

Clearly, Ivey has proven to be the type of guy willing to to take risks and make waves. He’s the type of guy that fits in well with this industry. And clearly, Phil has got a thing for Mary Jane.

So if and when his dispensary gets the green light and opens in Vegas, it will immediately become one of the more high-profile dispensaries in the nation. We’ll see if his dispensary will accept poker chips in addition to cash–and what kind of quality cannabis Ivey’s contingency can produce.



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