The Pros & Cons of Blunt Smoking

Blunt rolling is a beautiful art, one that takes patience and precision to master.  Some people swear by the blunt, while others prefer a joint, bong, or bowl.



  • Passing a blunt around a cypher can be a very social experience, likely to include some good conversations.
  • Taste – there is nothing tastier than a big, fat, perfectly rolled Dutch Master blunt.
  • Longevity – a properly rolled blunt should be long-lasting and make its way around the cypher at LEAST three times, maybe even more.
  • You only have to spark the lighter/match once.
  • Discreet – A blunt is a great mobile smoking option & disposable incase of an emergency

Cons – 

  • Cost – You need to have a cigar or blunt wrap handy and the cost can pile up over time.
  • Health – blunts are clearly the worst for your health of any of the major smoking options.
  • The tobacco effect – whether you want to admit it or not, by smoking the cigar leaf you are adding nicotine and  tobacco into the weed.  Some people like the added head rush from the from this while others dont.

Conclusion – Smoke What Makes You Happy





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