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Report: Legal Marijuana is Worth More Than the NFL

Football may be America’s “new” and most popular pastime, but pigskin has got nothing on grass. A recent article by The Washington Post estimates that the legal marijuana market will be more than three times flusher with money than the NFL.

The NFL makes an annual revenue of $10 billion a year, while the legal marijuana market’s revenues could exceed $35 billion by 2020 if and when cannabis becomes federally legal. As the article notes, that would make the marijuana industry’s value on par with the entire publishing industry and the confectionary industry.

Last year, the legal industry made a purported $1.53 billion in revenues. When you consider there’s two legal states and only a handful of states with viable medical marijuana markets, that number is merely a glimpse into the future. As Alaska, Oregon, and D.C. hopefully hop on board the legalization wagon (next week!), those numbers should continue to see steady growth.

As for football and marijuana, well, they’re kind of similar–at least when it comes to fan bases. Both industries target males in the 18-and-over age bracket, and the fanatics tend to be 18-30 years old. But unlike football, marijuana can also pique the interest from a medical perspective.

The plant’s benefits can apply to infants suffering from seizures, the elderly suffering from dementias, and women with breast cancer. Likewise, to becoming a football fan–and a fan of its violence nature–is a choice.

When it comes to weed, some people don’t have a choice to become a fan. It’s a viable medical option, and one any demographic can and should appreciate for just that.



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