Ten Colleges in America Currently Teach Marijuana Classes

…And one of those colleges is Haaaaarvard! Courtesy of none other than FOX News, here’s a map that shows nine of these “Pot Universities”:

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 11.06.43 AM

The only college missing that I know teaches cannabis is Colorado’s accredited Cloverleaf University. That means at least ten universities in the United States offer cannabis specific classes. While I’m sure there’s a couple more–not to mention all the schools offering botany courses–this list is very indicative of the nation’s future with “higher education.”

Along with Harvard Law School, the other major universities on this list are Oregon State, Ohio State, Hofstra, and Denver University. California’s renowned Oaksterdam makes the list, as does a community college in Maryland. While there are a few empty spaces on this map (like the deep south and much of the midwest), courses on Kush have clearly spread across the nation.

And this newsflash should really come as no surprise. Marijuana is big, big business, with a current legal market raking in $2.5 billion annually and estimations that place a fully legal America over the $30 billion mark–which would be larger than the organic food industry. As the industry progresses and the government inevitably legalizes the substance, the country will need lawyers, doctors, businessman, and a wide array of professionals that actually understand how the marijuana business works.

Those students taking advantage of these classes at these ten schools will have a major leg up on job competitors and will likely reap the financial benefits that come with being an expert on a new, burgeoning field. Here are a few of the valuable lessons being taught at that community college in Maryland:

arundel teahcing

And as this perhaps medicated pro-pot analyst tells FOX, this is merely the tip of the iceberg:


As marijuana continues to spread its wings across America and becomes a major majority, you can expect more colleges to hop on this bandwagon and more students to enroll at school’s that offer courses in a growing business sector.

Naturally, some detractors think this is foolish and will breed the youth into “drug dealers,” as you can see in the entire FOX clip below:



In case you couldn’t watch, that hater and former drug addict states that: “I guess when you want to be a drug dealer you take Marijuana 101 and learn how to traffic. These types of colleges are not helping the future of our nation nor are they bringing in a legal education in school.”

If generating tax dollars, creating jobs, and reducing crime rates by liberating a plant doesn’t help the future of our nation…then call me Nancy Grace.



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