TSA might allow passengers to board planes with marijuana


Medical marijuana is now permitted in nearly half of the United States, with Illinois recently becoming the twentieth state in the US to allow doctors to legally prescribe pot to patients. But while federal law still considers weed to be illegal, attorneys say bringing marijuana onboard airlines for some domestic travel shouldn’t necessarily raise any red flags.

“I hear reports from people flying from one medical use site to another or flying from one part of California to another and they generally report that if they carry their authorization, they simply show the letter and are sent on their way and are allowed to keep their medicine,” National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws attorney and founder Keith Stroup told Kase. “The same policy should apply Colorado to Washington or Washington to Colorado.”

A statement on TSA’s official website acknowledges that the federal agents staffed at security checkpoints at airports across America do not search for any drugs, and admits “the final decision rests with TSA on whether to allow any items on the plane,” and nothing explicitly instructs those agents to detain or arrest anyone traveling with marijuana, medicinal or otherwise.

(via RT)



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