Weed Delivery App

Weed Delivery App Set to Drop

Shit’s about to change forever once this weed delivery app drops…

“Two young entrepreneurs are building an Uber for marijuana delivery.Weed Delivery App

University of Washington students Megh Vakharia and Josiah Tullis are the co-founders behind Canary, a service that moves marijuana from the dispensary to your door.

Vakharia and Tullis, who will be pitching at tonight’s TechCrunch Meetup in Seattle, haven’t quite launched their new startup yet. They are taking time to ensure that Canary operates legally in what is still a nascent industry.

To avoid any legal issues and to operate within the confines of the law, the company is purely a middleman. As a marketplace app, it acts as an intermediary between dispensaries and customers.

Here’s how it works. Those ordering marijuana can deposit money into a Canary account at any of the company’s partnered dispensaries. From there, they can browse through the Canary app, pick their favorite strains — detailed information from Leafly helps describe different effects — and set a pickup location.”

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