Ghost OG


What can i say? I really like OG Kush. All different types of OG’s. Skywalker, Face Off, Poison, Legend, Snoops’… They all are amazing plants with very distinct flavor/terpene profiles, yet they all share a common denominator. The Ghost OG is one of the earliest documented cutting of OG Kush around. Said to be the Original Cutting but renamed, Ghost OG harks back to a time when OG wasn’t plentiful, yet its raw power, and flavor were in high demand. My people at Weedland were able to snag an amazing example of these flowers to get processed by their own team. The results are nothing short of amazing.


Breeder/Source: OrgnKid/Ghost

Available at: Weedland (Wilmington, CA)

Extracted By: Weedland Extractions


Appearance: I find too many people these days worrying about how gold, yellow, or lemon colored their shatter is. Although that may be an indication that your concentrate is good, its NOT THE ONLY factor one should judge concentrates by. I’ve smoked alot of OG concentrates throughout my years and can say that this particular batch falls in line with a great starting product, that just wasn’t processed right after it was harvested. Great clarity. Consistency is stable but still a little sappy. My personal favorite. 8/10

Flavor: Terps on this one don’t jump out at you initially. You are greeted with a very subtle lemon/pine on the exhale and the flavor slowly builds into a complex earthy, hashy, floral pine taste that lingers for a few minutes after the dab.  7/10

Effect: There is nothing sativa about this slab at all. It will put the average smoker directly on his ass… along with a xbox controller and some Funyuns. As a OG connoisseur myself, I truly appreciate the effect, as it is what an OG should be… Knock-you-on-your-ass-weed. 10/10

Conclusion: Sometimes its hard for me to put my finger on how good a concentrate really is off the bat. I came to appreciate it after prolonged use. Nothing bad to say at all about the Ghost. good job Weedland! Overall i’d give it a  8.5/10

-PermedOutDabs Instagram



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