Watch Joey Bada$$ Perform “Land of the Free” on The Colbert Show

ALL-AMERIKKAN BADA$$ is out today. Soulful, honest, uplifting, with a touch of commentary on the state of the nation…it’s the truth–and a bit prophetic. I’m on my fourth listen of “For My People” which feels kinda accurate today considering, yeah, Trump just dropped the bomb.

Earlier this week, Joey turned up on The Colbert Show. Check it:

Put opiates in syringes then inject his religion…

Trade those syringes for joints…and man…what a wonderful world it could be…

MobSquad Nard – “Lil Mo” (Official Music Video)

From Cinematic’s own MobSquad Nard’s debut album “Everything Clean But Da Ashtray.” Throw that cash a lil mo…

Cinematic TV Returns With Season 2!

its baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!! I couldn’t wait to drop this shit right here LOL!…..enjoy as Cuzzin Todd tries to figure out Yogurt ,Statik is caught Sleep Talkin about some whole other shit & There is also a introduction to a the 1 & only Cali Daze AKA the best cleaning lady out there. All the regulars make an appearance here including DZA x Badmon x Kirk Knight Nyck Caution & others ….Stay tuned for episodes monthly GoodTAlk ya pricks – jonnyshipes

Call it a comeback! Our brothers over at Cinematic have been cooking up some new material for your viewing pleasure. Episode 1 of Cinematic TV’s new season features a behind-the-scenes look at The Smokers Club Tour, the release of B.4.Da.$$, the Pro Era crew, and how to pronounce the world’s most controversial yogurt.

Dig in right here and stay tuned cause there is much, much more of this material coming very soon:


The Smokers Club Premiere: CinematicTV’s Smokin N Jokin (Intern Prank)

I was sittin around the studio 1 day w kwon & came up w this idea 2 prank some potential interns wanting to work at Cinematic / Smokers Club the video says it all. Please note no interns were harmed in the makin of this video, & all were hired & are currently workin to help build the dream so dont call the human society on me,& 4 the record i dont sniff yayo its a prop GoodTalk – Jonnyshipes

CinematicTV: Smokin N Jokin

I know i been slackin on the videos but it has been a long fuckin year. I had mad shit goin on but over the holidaze i took the time out 2 go thru some footage & put a lil something together for us to all laugh at. We got DZA fighting over weed that almost gave me a seizure, Shiest Bubz the host w the mostest swingin light sabers, goin on rants & just wildin in general lol. On a more serious note i found a new artist named Joey BadA$$ from BK. he’s 16 & dope as fuck check him out fuckin around in the studio at the end. Cuzzin Todd even makes a cameo tryin 2 put his shoe on LOL, I hope u all had a great 2011, Let$ make 2012 even better, more smokin more jokin, GoodTalk – Jonnyshipes

CinematicTV Ep. 1: Smoke DZA Behind The Scenes Of Marley & Me Remix

CinematicTV goes behind the scenes of Smoke DZA’s Marley & Remix feat. Asher Roth, Devin The Dude, Curren$y, and June Summers.

CinematicTV Ep. 2: Devin The Dude & Cuzzin Todd in NYC

CinematicTV brings u the lighter side of the music industry with Devin The Dude & Cuzzin Todd. Watch as Devin reconnects with Todd in the studio & at DD172. Guest apperance by Mos Def.

Hip-Hop Jenga

This may be 1 of the funniest CinematicTV episodes ever i know that may sound far fetched but check this shit out…..Starring Chuck Strangers, Cj Fly, Me, & DZA. Shout out to GFC Steve-0 for the hiphop Jenga idea. #GoodTalk Ya pricks & shout out 2 Chuck Strangers for being a Good Sport.

CinematicTV: Smokin And Jokin Pt. 2

this is a PSA say no 2 Drug$, all we need is the Mary Jane. check out the whole crew on here DZA on the guitar, Dreddy doin a commercial for Devins, Cuzzin Todd wildin, Richie Rich, Shiest Bubz & CokeNo$e Choch GoodTalk ya Pricks – Shipes

Smokin N Jokin: Cuzzin Todd “Hermes Blanket Flow”

Cuzzin Todd felt like spitting so he went the fuck in as he always does. CUzzin Todd 4 president. Be on the lookout for his debut album “If LIl B & kreayshawn can doit so can I” droppin when he feels like it.

S/O to the biggest boss thus far lol this is a classic CinematicTV episode, we miss laughing like this on the daily


Smoke 2 this: Ab-Soul, Smoke DZA & Da$h – Money Team (prod. Mac Miller)


So mac miller reached out 2 the KushedGod along with Ab-Solo & Da$h for a 4/20 joint thatll have u sparkin 4 the whole day.


Throwback CinematicTV: Our Version Of SXSW (VIDEO)

1st off sxsw fuckin sucks, its a bunch of corporate people taking advantage of every act & pocketing all sponsorship money we will never do another official showcase again, anyway as always we still had a great time. The Pricks found a groupie & tatted her ass with their logo in their hotel room. We also had The whole Smokers Club in the house for our show & instore with Diamond Supply Co, Check out everyone discussing their characters on the T-shirt. There is some footage of Dom kennedy, Schoolboy Q & The Pricks performing @ our Smokers Club event. Aside from that i poured some cookie dough ice cream on dutch face while he was sleeping (pause) & we smoked out the hotel hallway as always GoodTalk – Jonnyshipes