Peep Action Bronson’s New Visual for “Let Me Breathe”

Bronsoliño is back with another unique music video, this time for “Let Me Breathe” off of Blue Chips 7000. Unlike most videos, this one’s got a making-of, a mockumentary and a cliche music video all in one. The difference is probably the old men dancing and fighting over an Amazonian booty shaker and Jeff Garlin for whatever reason.

Check it out below:

Stream ItsTheReal’s ‘Teddy Bear Fresh’ Album Featuring Smoke Dza, Angie Martinez, Just Blaze & More.

The legendary New York duo ItsTheReal have been hard at work to create something special and timeless for their dedicated fans all across the globe. For over 3 years, Jeff and Eric Rosenthal dedicated themselves to their craft entirely by acting as their own record label. From marketing to pr and everything in between, these guys put in countless hours to deliver a masterpiece. Produced entirely by Greg Mayo, the album features special guest appearances by Curren$y, Smoke DZA, Bun B, Jazz Cartier, Angie Martinez, Just Blaze, Combat Jack and more. Stream Teddy Bear Fresh below.

thereal thereal2


The Smokers Club & Grizzly Griptape Present: “Smoking N Joking” Episode 1

I fuckin loves these dudes right here man….Grizzly gang brothers from another, as soon as i touch down in la I smoke a doobie & hit sugarfish w Sean every single time like clock work. It was only right the 1st episode of Smoking N Joking was with them! Roll something up & enjoy Cuzzin todd, Smoke DZA, Torey pudwill, Boo Johnson, Select Sean & myself doing what we do best smoking N Joking Goodtalk – Jonnyshipes

If you want a shot at picking up some of the Smoker’s merch on us, spread the word about Episode 1 by sharing the video on socials w/ hashtag #SmokingNJoking for a chance to win new threads.

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Be Glad You’re Not One of These Three @Gmail Phishing Scam Victims

Yesterday, thousands of Gmail users were warned of an online phishing scam capable of screwing up their entire lives. If you were one of the smart ones who didn’t click on that Google Doc invitation, great stuff. You’re not dumb. If you weren’t so slick, don’t sweat it. Below is a list of everyone else who shares in your grief and got their private information hacked sold to the highest bidder. We also included a rating after each to signify the level of how much you should care about the victim.

Your aunt on FacebookNow this one may seem a little sad but it’s not like she had anything of value on there. All she ever used it for was to post way too revealing info on her newsfeed and, of course, to flirt with her old high school fling while her husband was drinking excessively in the living room. Think of it this way, she may be completely screwed but now you can unfriend her without feeling that awkward guilt when you see her at the next family function. [4/10]

That girl you swiped left on Tinder: She was the worst. Just based on that first picture you could tell she smelled. You’re not usually this judgmental but, come on, who would make their default a picture of them with a whole apple in their mouth? What are they implying? Everyone knows they’re not going to find their soulmate via Tinder but at least give us something to work with. [1/10]

That guy from high school who’s now in real estate for some reason: This guy was dumb as bricks in school. You were no honor student, but you could at least handle basic math. How do people like this sell houses when they couldn’t even find every corner in a square room? At this point their lives couldn’t get any more lame. A hack was probably even exciting. In fact, the hacker probably logged right out after realizing who this guy was. In my head, I rationalize the hacker as someone with some semblance of a brain, so seeing this guy’s LinkedIn would have probably been enough to realize he’s not the greatest investment. [0/10]

If we find anymore victims I’ll be sure to keep you updated. Until then, you can breath easy because although you may have been hacked, at least you’re not any of these three. Great job with that one.

The Best @nbcsnl Skits for Stoners

Now in its 42nd season, Saturday Night Live has had one of the most impressive runs in television history. During that time, they’ve put out a respectable number of weed-related skits—some good, some bad. We’ve collected our favorite five below. Enjoy!

Nancy Grace: Legal Pot

Watch Noel Wells’ Nancy Grace scold Kate McKinnon, and, later, Drake as Katt Williams, for getting high and endangering “the babies” in the newly-decriminalized Colorado.

Nancy Grace (Saturday Night Live)

Nancy Grace welcomes a bakery owner and comedian Katt Williams to her show to discuss marijuana legalization in Colorado.

Ras Trent

In this classic send-up of white wanna-be Rastas, Andy Samberg stars as “Ras Trent.”

New Marijuana Policy

Celebrating the change in NYC’s drug policy that ended the arrest and prosecution of low-level marijuana possession, this skit features Pete Davidson, Leslie Jones and, later, a Woody Harrelson cameo.

Jarrets Room

This early-2000s skit features a young Jimmy Fallon hosting a web-series from his Hampshire College dorm room. Hilarity ensues. 

Jarrets Room (Saturday Night Live)

Give a man a webcam and he thinks he can get away with anything.

Russell Putnam, High Times Investigative Reporter

Jack Black stars as bumbling High Times investigate reporter “Russell Putnam” who, with his colleagues, discovers the existence of a hidden stash of weed for government officials only. 

Russell Putnam, Investigative Journalist (Saturday Night Live)

Russell Putnam, a High Times investigative reporter, finds out the government grows a special field of marijuana just for politicians.

Did we miss something? Let us know!



Hilarious Weed Standup Routines from Dave Chappelle, Louis C.K., and More

Love to laugh while you smoke? Queue up these classic standup segments and spark one.

Dave Chappelle — Weed Conversations

Katt Williams on Weed

Louis C.K. — Weed’s Stronger Than It Used To Be

Bruce Jingles — Weed

Willie Barcena — Smokin’ Weed

What else should we be smokin’ to?

Does Drake Even Inhale When He “Smokes Weed?”

Code name: Baby Lungs? MassRoots investigated whether or not Drizzy actually smokes weed when he looks like he’s “smoking weed.” Here’s what dirt they found on the best Canadian rapper alive:

We posted this on our Facebook earlier today and it legit exploded harder than I thought it would. Apparently celebs/musicians not fully inhaling dope smoke is indeed a thing. Maybe that’s why Drake calls it free smoke?

Anyway, the comments are hilarious, ranging from Drake disses to someone wondering if perhaps he’s just saving his vocal chords to a general agreement that:

Cause if you’re a rapper and you don’t smoke weed, you’re not really poppin. Thing is: is Drake really a rapper? Ever since his first mixtape (the 1 with all that “Successful” gibberish that I actually liked), Drake’s really been a singer that rhymes.

Yes, sometimes he sings fast and spits hot fire, but he’s typically making panties drop because he sings. Chicks love drake, and they love him because his crooning makes them wet. For whatever reason, he hits the *moist* frequency, and that’s cause his vocal chords are probably in tip-top shape.

Is Drake a “soft rapper” cause he a doesn’t really inhale, at least on stage? Kind of, but weed isn’t his schtick: 20-year-old chicks getting black to him is his schtick.

That said, hopefully Drake his it hard behind closed doors or at least crushes edibles to compensate for this lack of thug. Otherwise, he immediately gets lumped into the Mike Posner category .

The “Mike Posner category” is a category of rappers who aren’t really rappers but don’t smoke blunts cause it affects their vocal chords. True story: Posner challenged me to – 8 or 9 years ago because he couldn’t smoke a blunt before he performed.

Wonderful World of Cuzzin Todd: The Hero Part 2

Welcome to The Wonderful World of Cuzzin Todd.  Some hate him. Most love him.  Everyone recognizes the hustle.  Watch our latest installment of the series as Cuzzin Todd aka The Vape God aka The Young Ronald Reagan aka The ToddFather teaches you how to make a real sandwich instead of that fufu ish.  For today’s meal, he uses top shelf Italian sourced ingredients catered by Anthony & Son Panini’ Shoppe.  This installment is sure to put the pressure on ALL up-and-coming NY chefs.  Stay tuned for the next one and check out PART 1 if you haven’t already.

Shot by Joe Lipstein.


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Metro Boomin Discusses His Top 5 Sounds

What are Metro Boomin’s Top 5 Sounds? Find out now.

When Project Pat Is Your Personal Trainer

Ever wondered what it would be like to have the legend Project Pat train you in the gym? Well here’s your chance to witness the experience for yourself. Watch below.

Smokin & Jokin: Cuzzin Todd & Wifey invite you to explore the world of “Honey Buns”

Cuzzin Todd & Wifey explore their wildest fantasies in the latest music video titled “Honey Buns”.

Smokin’ & Jokin’ ? ? TPain visits FirstWeFeast & eats ridiculously SPICY wings


It’s Fried-day.. so we’re lighting one up.. relaxing & laughing our asses off. We know you’re on the same page.. so welcome to our Smoking’ & Jokin’ segment where we share with you what we’re Smokin’ & Jokin’ about.. so you can also be Smokin’ & Jokin’. On today’s segment… TPain hilariously eats ridiculously SPICY wings with firstwefeast.TPain is a really funny guy.. and even hearing his voice when your high can completely set off the giggles. If you’re munchies hit.. you’ll probably want some wings after this. Watch the video.. laugh your ass off & find out the spiciest wings TPain could eat..