D.C. Police Return Weed To Arrested Man

I got dem keys to the handcuffs


As if D.C.’s recent marijuana legalization wasn’t historic and game-changing enough, there’s even more zaniness going on in the Nation’s capitol.  Pursuant to the recent legalization of, amongst other things, possession of up to 2 ounces D.C. police are now in the awkward position of having to return seized weed.

Community members at the Fort Dupont Civic Association were shocked at what they witnessed Monday night.  A rightfully disgruntled man walked into the meeting at the Sixth District Police Station and demanded his weed be returned to him.  Instead of being laughed out of the police station, which would have been the case nary a week ago, the man triumphantly exited with stash in tow.

So when can you have your stash returned to you from the police?  Let’s say that the police believe you have over 2 ounces on you or they believe you are under 21 (both still unlawful even with legalization) and then subsequently seize your weed.  You then prove to them that “hey the ID I left at home shows I’m older than 21” or they weigh the stash at the police station and realize it was in fact less than 2 ounces.   Under these and similar circumstances you would have the right to have your marijuana returned.  No questions asked.

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