David Cross Shows How to “Know Your Rights”

Netflix has a new show coming out starring David Cross (he of Arrested Development fame) and Bob Odenkirk (he of Breaking Bad fame). Called “W/ Bob & David”, it’s semi-reboot of the Mr. Show With Bob and David that the two tag-teamed in the 90s.

The sketch show looks and sounds a lot like Key and Peele but with white people and with more white comedy. The show’s first preview sketch is out now, ironically feature Key, and is a slam dunk.

In it, Cross plays superbly annoying man teaching you to know your rights. Specifically, that you’re a) not required to roll your window down all the way when you’re pulled over and that b) you can ask why you’re being attained.

It’s clearly mostly satire, but it’s also on point and hilarious. And a reminder that if you are ever pulled over, keep your weed in a stamped envelope. Because cops can’t confiscate that (true story).




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