Does Drake Even Inhale When He “Smokes Weed?”

Code name: Baby Lungs? MassRoots investigated whether or not Drizzy actually smokes weed when he looks like he’s “smoking weed.” Here’s what dirt they found on the best Canadian rapper alive:

We posted this on our Facebook earlier today and it legit exploded harder than I thought it would. Apparently celebs/musicians not fully inhaling dope smoke is indeed a thing. Maybe that’s why Drake calls it free smoke?

Anyway, the comments are hilarious, ranging from Drake disses to someone wondering if perhaps he’s just saving his vocal chords to a general agreement that:

Cause if you’re a rapper and you don’t smoke weed, you’re not really poppin. Thing is: is Drake really a rapper? Ever since his first mixtape (the 1 with all that “Successful” gibberish that I actually liked), Drake’s really been a singer that rhymes.

Yes, sometimes he sings fast and spits hot fire, but he’s typically making panties drop because he sings. Chicks love drake, and they love him because his crooning makes them wet. For whatever reason, he hits the *moist* frequency, and that’s cause his vocal chords are probably in tip-top shape.

Is Drake a “soft rapper” cause he a doesn’t really inhale, at least on stage? Kind of, but weed isn’t his schtick: 20-year-old chicks getting black to him is his schtick.

That said, hopefully Drake his it hard behind closed doors or at least crushes edibles to compensate for this lack of thug. Otherwise, he immediately gets lumped into the Mike Posner category .

The “Mike Posner category” is a category of rappers who aren’t really rappers but don’t smoke blunts cause it affects their vocal chords. True story: Posner challenged me to – 8 or 9 years ago because he couldn’t smoke a blunt before he performed.



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