First Time Frieday: Jonnyshipes

We are rolling (no pun intended) out a new feature for 2015 – First Time Frieday.  We sat down with The Smokers Club team members and got the details of their first time smoking.  Big things have small beginnings…

We’ll start with the man who makes The Smokers Club go ’round…Jonnyshipes

“my 1st time smokin was when i was 13, me & a few of my friends were out graffiti-ing late @ night we went to this park somewhere in NYC i dont even remember which park at this point. 1 of the kids i was with pulled out a sack & we rolled up the worst blunt ever. The weed was shwag & we didnt know how to roll blunts…. we sat there and got high as fuck tho. Its safe 2 say me & mary jane have been goin steady since then”

How things change:

first time frieday



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