world's biggest breasts

Too Much of a Good Thing: World’s Biggest Breasts

I don’t throw the word ‘freak’ around too casually, but I just couldn’t help myself here.  This chick is a freak and not the good Ludacris “freak in the sheets” type, but the sideshow freak type.  Don’t get me wrong, I love breasts in all different shapes and sizes: big floppy ones, tiny perky anthills, and all the beautiful ones in-between.  But this chick has managed to come as close as possible to turning me off of the whole concept of breastasis (extra points if you get that reference).  Seriously, there is absolutely not one damn thing remotely attractive about this,  I’m not even a drop intrigued.  I don’t want to touch them or even look directly at them for fear if turning to stone.  It’s a shame too because she is a relatively attractive woman, minus the wrecking balls hanging off her chest.  Her name is Beshine and she proudly sports a size 32Z bra to support each of her gross, veiny 20 pound tits.

Because, of COURSE she has a tramp stamp…

world's biggest breasts

Here’s something to cleanse your palate after that horror show:




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