A Pot Activist Peed on Harry Anslinger’s Grave

NJ Weedman is as bold and brazen as activists come in the age of modern marijuana. A long time advocate for marijuana reform in New Jersey and beyond, the persecuted NJ Weedman is an exemplar of the ongoing fight to end absurd weed laws in states like New Jersey.

And he knows that writing a letter to politicians or asking politely for reform doesn’t always facilitate change or prove a point. So to show up the age prohibition and make a statement, the NJ Weedman paid a visit to Harry Anslinger’s grave and promptly urinated all over Harry Anslinger’s grave:

Harry Anslinger – grave #fuckharryjangslinger #marijuana #njweedman #herbsmoker

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Why Anslinger? Because in 1937, then the commissioner of U.S. Treasury Department’s Federal Bureau of Narcotics, Anslinger signed the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 which made marijuana illegal and this started the prohibition of marijuana.

If it weren’t for Anslinger, there’s a chance marijuana would never have even become illegal, and we wouldn’t have needed nearly a century of activism to facilitate change. Yes, pissing on someone’s grave is normally a tad immature and vulgar, but if anyone deserves to get pissed on in his eternal slumber, it’s Harry Anslinger.

As for other graves I’d like to piss on, there are many. Nancy Grace’s mother would be at the top of that list because she is a pig fucker who birthed a real life Miss Piggy. Thereafter, that list would include the likes of other weed-haters and all-time douchebags like Richard Nixon.

Whose gave would you like to piss on?



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