Pot-Loving Pig Eats His Owner’s Stash So Man “Goes Into Drunken Rage”

Does this look like the face of a man who owns a pet pig and then freaks out when his pig eats his weed, drinks an entire bottle of Everclear to his face, calls 911 blasting his weed-eating pig, and then must be “subdued with a Taser” when police arrive on the scene?

Yes it does! As Chad Spohn’s wife says, “Chad gets upset when he does not have marijuana.” Now, the man with a pet pig in Ohio (where else) “faces charges related to disorderly conduct by intoxication and resisting arrest.”

Chad certainly once loved his pig:








But not as much as Chad loves his herb. Now, Chad and his one beloved pig are at odds with one another. What was once a relationship filled with love and pork has now led to an ugly, alcohol filled break-up:




Bacon and weed make everything better, but neither can cure insanity.



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