Denver’s Grow-Off (Top Chef for Growers) Reveals Its Strain & Crowns Its Winners

Cannabis competitions with people as judges are inherently flawed. Those competitions are subjective, cause corruption (see: people pay to win), and don’t necessarily reflect what “the best” should mean.

That’s where The Grow-Off steps in. Started in Colorado almost year ago, the competition handed over 40 dispensaries the exact same clone of an unknown strain and told them to grow one plant the best they could. That strain–shrouded in secrecy since last year–was Racefuel OG from Natural Remedies.

But rather than asking a bunch of stoners to smoke different samples and decide which they like the best, the Grow-Off went to the labs. The judging for this event via cannabis testing labs is completely empirical–which means these winners are unanimous.

The growers were judged on three categories: potency (THC%), flavor (Terpene %), and yield (most grams). The award show took place on Saturday evening and Denver’s The Herbal Cure went Michael Phelps on the competition.

Here are the full results:

Potency (THC %):
1. Herbal Cure – 23.777
2. Veritas – 23.004
3. Northern Lights – 22.924
Flavor (TERPENE %):
1. Herbal Cure – 2.0615
2. Clinic – 1.8603
3. The Farm blairness – 1.6506
Yield (Amount of Grams from one plant)
1. High Country Healing – 1598.55
2. the Clinic – 1435
3. The farm Acreel – 1358.4
In addition to bragging rights throughout Colorado, the winners also took home checks for $3,500 (so $7,000 for the Herbal Cure) and some championship belts:
Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 8.08.01 AM
The event will return next year featuring a medical competition!



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