Get a Job in Colorado’s Cannabis Industry at this Career Fair

A lot of people ask me how to get a job in the cannabis industry. My first answer is find someone you know in the industry and meet as many people as you can. My second answer is simple: get out there and do weed things.

And when it comes to finding a job in the bud biz, there’s no better weed thing to do than hit a cannabis career fair. That’s exactly what the homies at Cultivated Synergy and Ms. Mary Staffing are doing this upcoming weekend in Denver, Colorado.

On Saturday, June 3 from 11AM-4 PM at Cultivated Synergy (2901 Walnut Street), industry companies will be on site with jobs and information for all. Whether you’re looking for a job budtending, in a grow, or in an ancillary business, there will be something for every job seeker out there.

Here are a bunch of the companies attending the event:

The Clinic
Pure Dispensary
Colorado Cannabis Co.
Silver Stem
The Health Center
WANA Brands
Mary Janes Medicinals

And here’s a message about what to expect:

Recruiting high-quality talent is a difficult task for any company, but in the Cannabis & Hemp Industry we all know this is a particularly challenging issue.

To combat this problem, Cultivated Synergy and Ms. Mary Staffing have teamed up to help
YOU connect and recruit pre-screened industry talent for your business. We specialize in
connecting the industry and those involved and as such, The Hemp and Cannabis Career Fair was created in order to connect companies in our industry to BETTER talent and EXPERIENCE that generally isn’t encountered with your average applicant base.

To attend the event, click here!



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