Alien Rock Candy (32% THC!) Marijuana Strain Review

When you hear “Alien Tech” in a strain, that generally means insane things. Alien Rock Candy fits that bill. Breeder Obsoul33t’s Alien Tech line/crosses are some of the most exotic and potent in the game, but this version takes the cake for me. It was lust at first sight after finding the winning phenotype (version) at Kind Love (Colorado dispensary) 2-2.5 years ago). This harvested version comes from the same pheno but a private, organic grower–and it’s a winner. With the potency typically checking in north of 30% THC, this dope smoke takes you straight to Uranus.

Genetics: Tahoe Alien (Alien Kush x Tahoe OG) x Sour Dubble (Sour Diesel IBL x Sour Bubble)

Breeder: Alien Genetics

Grower/Dispensary: Private

Type: Indica-Dominant Hybrid

Appearance: If Hues of purple are stacked with white snow (aka kief). There’s definitely some darker orange hairs coming out of her, and the round nugs are generally of the darker variety as you can see. 10/10

Effect: With a THC % of 32%, oh it is indeed lit. One of those strains that hits the mind and the body at the same time, the ARC is at once trippy and calm. Cerebral, the ARC feels a lot like I imagine getting zapped with one of those ray guns the aliens use in Mars! Attacks. You may not turn to ashes, but any pain pain and stress straight up evaporates. Don’t smoke this strain till the sun sets, as she’s definitely a day-wrecker! 10/10

Flavors: The Alien Kush comes out strongest in her as it’s got a kind of grapey sour flavor a lot like a purple Sour Patch Kid. She does not the strongest flavor but the chem terps are definitely there. 8/10

Conclusion: Blessed. You are blessed if you get to smoke this strain. You either need to know the right grower with the keeper cut or you have to go to Kind Love in Colorado to grab her. There’s certainly some other versions in California, but this rare strain is tough to find. There’s only one place in Colorado that has it and that’s Kind Love. Easily one of the best 10 strains I’ve smoked in my life, Alien Rock Candy deserves a spot on Mt. Kushmore. 10/10

Bonus: squished this into some rosin and it just amplified the effect:






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