Have You Ever Smoked Weed With Your Parents?

(We meant to post this on Sunday, but then we got high)

With Mother’s Day in the rearview mirror and now Father’s Day approaching, it’s the right time to start asking the Burning Questions in all smokers’ lives. Like whether or not you’ve ever smoked weed with your parents:

I’ve blazed with my pops, my mom, sister and my dog (he has arthritis) and I know other members toke up with some of their family members. Unfortunately, none of my grandparents (one’s alive) have ever smoked weed cause things were different back in the ’30s.

Of course, some parents aren’t that chill, and some people never experience the life-altering and surreal experience of getting high with the people who created you. It’s a tough feeling to describe, other than that when you look into your dad’s eye and he’s coughing up a lung and tearing up, you know you came from the right place.



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