Strain Review: Walter White OG

Grown By: Green Light District

Lineage: OG Kush x The White (Possibly)

Available At: GLD (Torrance, CA)

Appearance: I am absolutely impressed with the overall looks of this strain. Once the jar is cracked the Walter White announces itself loudly, whether you like it or not. Just a single gram in my pocket while at the grocery store turned a few heads. The buds are dripping with trichomes with no visible signs of pests or mold. I also haven’t seen bud cured like this at a dispensary in a very long time. A textbook specimen.  10/10

Flavor/Smell: For looking and smelling like an OG dominant plant she sure throws some hashy undertones that when paired with the classic OG taste creates a very smooth, pleasant, and flavorful smoke.   7/10

Effect: Walter White OG has absolutely blown me away. As of lately, I personally haven’t found a strain available to the public at a dispensary with such raw potency. A half gram joint was enough for me to understand the full effects and experience of the Walter White OG. If anyone needs a fast acting, hard hitting indica dominant strain, this will be a step in the right direction.    10/10

Conclusion: It’s hard to explain how amazing this strain really is. Its extreme potency and its smooth and subtle taste make this a very dangerous girl to smoke. I saw a small joint of this stuff induce a major panic in a non-smoker over the weekend. The shit is just some serious ass smoke. There’s really no other way to put it.

Overall: 9/10

-PermedOutDabs Instagram




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