Ann Coulter Says Weed is “Destroying the Country” & “Makes People Retarded”

Step aside, Nancy Grace, there’s a new anti-weed bitch coming for the crown! And she goes by Ann Coulter.

I had to Google who Coulter was (the name sounded familiar), and she basically sounds like a feminized version of Jeff Sessions: an out-of-touch Republican schmuck clinging onto the Reefer Madness methods of her parents. And the anti-weed vomit spewing from Coulter’s cooter is some truly must hear stuff:

“There have been further studies where they actually drug test the person after asking ‘Do you smoke pot, or have you smoked pot in the last week?’ and it turns out there’s a racial difference in telling the truth on ‘did you smoke pot’? Blacks were about ten times more likely to lie and say they hadn’t smoked pot,” she claimed.

You know why anyone lies about weed? Cause they’re scared to tell the truth thanks to decades of lies about the power of marijuana. If black people lived in an accepting society and one where admitting you smoked weed didn’t get them tarred and feathered, they’d probably be a little less hesitant to admit they partake.

“No. You can legalize all the drugs you want once there isn’t a welfare state, but no,” she said. “Marijuana makes people retarded, especially when they’re young. We’ve got enough bus boys. We’re bringing in bus boys by the million through our immigration policy. We do not need a country of bus boys. We’re destroying the country.” [Ann Coulter]

We may not need a country of bus boys, but we definitely need a country of weed bloggers, Ann! Does weed perhaps harm short-term memory and maybe slow you down a bit? Sure…but it’s insulting to people with actual mental diseases to say weed makes people “retarded” or handicapped.

Real talk, we’re probably better off just ignoring statements like these by people in prominent positions like Ann Coulter. She’s a media whore, and the type of media whore that probably goes home at night and hits her bullshit vaporizer while she laughs about the headlines she made.

Cause that’s all she’s doing: making headlines by letting bullshit fly from her flappy lips. While I don’t like giving pieces of shit like this the time of day, she deserves to get blasted for saying the dumbest weed-related shit of 2017.



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