MobSquad Nard- “Can’t Smoke With Me.” (ft. MobSquad Snap Sosa)


If you’re down with The Smoker’s Club, we already know you’re down with MobSquad Nard. We’ve posted the Cinematic artist on our page multiple times. Today Noisey premiered his new video “Can’t Smoke With Me” & said “If this won’t inspire you to light one up right now, what will?” We can’t say we don’t agree… 😉 “Can’t Smoke With Me” if the first single off of our, yes The Smoker’s Club’s next mixtape. MobSquad Nard’s also has an upcoming project, “Nardo Da’vinci” coming soon.

Watch MobSquad Nard’s new video & get ready for The Smoker’s Club Mixtape.



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