The Best Weed Strains We Smoked in 2016

Pictured: Platinum Huckleberry Cookies grown by Colorado Meds. Photo Credit: FillYourEyes

If it feels like hundreds (or thousands) of new strains emerge every year…that’s cause that’s what’s happening with marijuana’s momentum. More breeders are making more crosses and sexing up more plants than ever before. The result is: we’re very lucky there’s more strains than one person could dig up and find. While tough sifting through the bs to find the stars, a discerning eye and palette should have no issue smoking the true fire—if you’re in the right state. I can safely say I smoked some of the best herb I’ve smoked in my life (besides those circa 2006 NYC sour headies) in 2016.

But first…TSC founder/keif operating officer Jonny Shipes’ Top 3:

Zkittlez from Green R Fieldz:


What else can you say about this terp hog gawd cross of Grape Ape & Grapefruit that hasn’t been said or seen by all its awards and hype? That the hype is real and the terps are out of this world. The bud may look ordinary but its some ET level exotic stuff.

Do Si Dos from Alien Labs:

Again & again @alien_labs w the ???Dosi ????#bringyalungs #worldwiderollers #alienlabs

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Alien Labs is pumping out some of the finest gas around town and the Do Si Dos might be the hottest strain in the land right now.

Grizzly Glue and Freddie Kane from Chroncierge/TG Genetics:

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ #Chroncierge #Grizzly #Cannabis #Marijuana #TG #GrowLife #LifeStyle

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There’s a reason Shipes’ first call in LA is to our homies at Chroncierge…cause they got the chronic! If you think regular glue is nice…check out the Grizzly Glue and get back to us (Grizzly Glue bred by CannaDivine).

Lemon Tree via Chris Iron Cheff

????…. #SmokingLemons

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Chris Iron Cheff has some of the stupidest loudest weed on Instagram and these Lemon Trees are no exception!!!

Chardonnay by Tony Greenhand grown by Pioneer.Xtracts

The renamed Clorox comes by her name honestly. Easily the most trichomes I saw on a single bud this year.

TITS & Chem Scout from IC Collective

T.i.t.s. ?❄? #Iccollective #Chemdogcrew #Chemfamily #Thisistheshit #Sd x #Gsc #Terpdog #Werunonfuel #Since91

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I don’t love cookies, but when the Chem and Sour is dominant like they are in both GSC crosses…I can get down. And when the flower is grown to perfection by ChemDog family member IC Collective, there’s not much to do but get high and look at the stars, DOG (not dawg!).

Chem D and Chem 91 from PBud

The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd…some things never get old. The Chem family is, in a way, The Beatles of kind bud. Now over 25 years a legend (this year!), true Chem Dog weed is the kind of weed that you can smoke at any time (even if it might make some uncomfortably high). The clear-headed, alert vibes coupled with a euphoric rush is still unlike anything that your favorite grower is growing.

Underdog OG from Natural Remedies/MrDank

Anything MrDank and his crew touches turns to gold (hash gold, literally) and this was my pick of the (very wide) litter! AKA Loompah’s Headband, this weed also has Chem roots (more on that tale another time). The Underdog name is on point: she doesn’t look crazy, she doesn’t smell wild…but one hit of this commercially, expertly grown weed might have got me higher than anything else on this list!

Bubblegum Chem by Motiv bred by Top Dawg Seeds

Rock star weed that lit me up and had me running for water after one hit. The Chem fuel with a sweet bubblicious hint. Another stud from JJ and Top Dawg that will take the nation and awards by storm if she ever hits the mainstream…

Grease Monkey and Platinum Huckleberry Cookies from Colorado Meds


For those that don’t think cookies get you high…then check yourself (pictured up top) with this Dynasty Seeds creation. The Oregon Huckleberry (whatever that may be) takes these cookies to another level. Sweet, sweet smoke. As for the Grease Monkey: for those sick of Gorilla Glue (see: me) but after that high and flavor: the GM tastes like tire tread mixed with Oreos.

Roze from Green Man Cannabis

A “Cali OG phone” from one of Denver’s award-winning dispensaries. Their Starkiller gets the awards, but the Rozay makes me go cray. Maybe it’s cause I can drink Rozay all day and this stuff has less calories. Either way, some of the finest smoke I toked.

Forbidden Fruit from Hope Lord/Canafornia

Purple State of mind ??? #forbiddenfruit #bringyalungs #worldwiderollers #bringyalungs

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I hate Tangie (cause it doesn’t do much high-wise), but I love Cherry Pie and the CP effect is dominant here. Plus, the terps (flavors) are just out of control. Your dad and grandpa will love this weed without thinking their speaking to God.

Nova OG by Heady Monster


One of the highest tested strains of cannabis (35.6% total THC!!!) of all time from one of the NJ homies doin his Cali thing and doing it BIG. Testament to how this plant can bring us together, I’ve yet to meet the Heady Monster…but I’m proud to call him a homie who grows some serious tear gas!

ps thank you hope for this one!^

Zmoothie gifted from THCaezer

Zkittlez on crack. I can’t find a picture…but have a strong feeling this strain is about to blow up in 2017!

Da Vinci OG from CannaDivine:

?? Da Vinci OG grown to perfection by @cannadivine #heavy16 #ghostgrown #cremedelacreme #fire #frieday #wfayo #colorado

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A classic Florida OG closely held to the vest and owned/grown by few. Simply that gasolina, pinesol funk that most Cali OGs claim—and clown.

Black Lime by Aficoanado Seeds gifted by Botanicare:

As picturesque of a bud I laid my eyes on this year. The name spells out the flavor and it’s like a Lemon Lime Gatorade.

Banana Split by DNA Genetics/Crockett Family Farms:

Gifted to me by Giddy Up, this cross of Banana Sherbet and Tangie tastes like a Carvel sundae with caramelized bananas.

Roadkill Skunk by Gabe Fairorth of Sacred Seed Denver

May not be the original RKS…but (popped from seed) it holds true to the name. A vicious scent and a heavy hitting smoke that I can’t get enough of and is one of my go-to strains in Denver one of the grooviest growers in town!

Muffin by Puddletown Organics:

The most exotic strain (pic doesn’t do it justice) that is like a blueberry muffin in your lungs from my most favorite spot in Portland.

For those many, other wonderful strains (and hash…another story) that hit our lungs and missed the cut…we love you too. We’ve come a long way from the days of beasters and brick weed–and the future should hold even headier times!!!



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