The “Clementine Challenge”: One Strain Meets Six Hash Makers

Photos by Fill Your Eyes

Colorado makes a lot of hash–and that’s cause there’s a lot of hash companies. But it’s hard to say who’s got the best hash in the game because the hash makers all use different material.

While companies extract strains with crossover, no harvest is like the other. What one company extracts from a certain harvest could come out completely different from another harvest.

At this point, the industry is advanced enough that these companies all have similar technology: the difference is in technique and artisan skill. But it’s been tough to tell exactly whose hash reigns supreme–until now.

One of Denver’s best growers at one of the city’s finest dispensaries–Gabe from Sacred Seed–took matters into his own hand. Gabe took the same Clementine (DNA Genetics’ Lemon Skunk x Tangie) plant material and handed the material to six extract companies to see what they could whip up.

The results were fascinating: a mixture of different textures and flavor profiles about. From sugars to budders to sauces, there’s something for everyone in these six-packs of hash (half grams).

Here’s a look at the six anonymous entries submitted by Incredibles Extracts, CRX, Harmony Extracts, Green Dot Labs, Evol Lab and Concentrate Supply Company:

The results are currently being tallied, and Sacred Seed will announce the winner on 4/20 tomorrow!

I’ll reveal my own ratings yesterday, but all of this hash was fire with Clementine/citrus terpenes to the max. The crystals in entry 2 stood out to me as the wildest aspect of any entry: a texture like I had never seen before. Flavor wise, they were all on point!If you’re in Denver for 4/20 and looking for “the loud” be sure you stop by Sacred Seed!



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