Mahatama Concentrates Wins Sacred Seed’s The Clementine Challenge Part II

Photos by Fill Your Eyes

The premise of Colorado’s Clementine Challenge presented by Sacred Seed is simple: give six hash companies the same fresh frozen material of cannabis flower (the Clementine strain), and let the companies turn that material into hash.

In April, Harmony Extracts won the first part of the challenge with an entry that looked fit for a jewelry store. This time around, the companies doing battle were Quest Concentrates, Viola Extracts, Olio, Mahatama Concentrates, Bonfire and Concentrated Love.

Anonymously labelled as entries “1-6”, the most visually appealing entry was from Mahatama Concentrates–a  diamond-esque (pictured above) consistency that shimmers in its jar. That entry, #4, took home first place for Mahatama; Olio came in second and Bonfire came in third.

Mahatama winning the competition is a lot like the Royals winning the World Series a couple of years ago: it came out of left field. That’s not a knock on Mahatama–but they’re generally known more for The Clear than live resin in Colorado. The “favorites” were probably Quest, Viola, and Olio–and only one of them finished in the top three. That result says more about the even playing field in hash extraction than it does about any of the entries.

I sample all entries, and they all were pretty stellar. While the consistencies varied, the flavor and effect are very comparable across the board–aside from Entry #2, which looked like an extraction gone wrong and lacked a vibrant consistency or flavor.

Here’s a look at all the entries:

I know Gabe has more challenges planned in the future from Sacred Seed, and I hope he hits us with a little Chem D x I-95 version–cause that’s one of the best genetics around the state!



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