Mic’d Up: A Conversation With Salma Slims

Atlanta has been the home of many creative legends that have integrated the music industry in unbelievable ways. From Hip Hop to R&B, some of our favorite musical masterpieces were born in the ATL. It’s no surprise that we have a new wave of creative energy taking over the streets. One of the main contributors to the undergrounds influence on Atlanta comes from Salma Slims.

With endless confidence and outrageous style, Salma owes her unique upbringing not only to Atlanta but also to The Gambia. The Gambia is a small West African country, birthplace to both of her parents. Salma’s family made sure to constantly reiterate the importance of dignity and character. The culture and all of its rare offerings helped shape Salma’s growth in many ways. Nonetheless, Salma still recognizes how much Atlanta gave her the opportunity to be free and allowed her to pursue her passion for music. “Atlanta is a big part of my heart. The city molded me into who I am now” she says. Despite being exposed to all the various styles originating from Atlanta, Salma still takes pride in her own rare approach. “I have a different sound, I don’t sound like anyone. I’m in my own lane and I’m here for the women across the world to relate to me.”

Her biggest influences to no surprise come from the ATL. Artists such as T.I., Jermaine Dupri, Left Eye and Da Brat all seem to give Salma the inspiration necessary to accomplish anything her heart desires. It wasn’t long until fate presented itself. “I worked with JD for a voice over on the last Jagged Edge album that came out a few years ago and I also meet Da Brat at So So Def studios in Atlanta and we talked about hip hop and she told me to keep pushing and to never stop, that motivated me to keep going.” Defining moments like these continue to help raise the stakes and allow the blessings to manifest properly. Salma understands the responsbility of taking complete ownership of your art and business. “Being independent isn’t easy but as a female you have to keep going and don’t stop.  Of course I’ve had experiences that weren’t good but you gotta go through hell before you make it.” The first lady of Private Club is no stranger to success. While being surrounded by immense talent on her label, she gets a first look at everything it takes to be unforgettable and remarkable. “Seeing my bro MadeInTyo go platinum and getting gold records motivates me to make better music and seeing people in my squad sell out shows pushes me to limit.”

When it comes to exploring herbal remedies, Salma prefers to medicate solely during the recording process. She hints at being a fan of papers, sativa strains to keep the energy flowing and any playlist that includes Snoop Dogg, Smoke Dza and Wiz Khalifa. Who would Salma wanna smoke with if she had the chance? Kehlani. Maybe one day we will see the 2 sharing doobies and making something special for fans across the world. Be sure to follow Salma on all social media platforms and stay tuned for more to come.



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