Mic’d Up: A Conversation With ICYTWAT

While many beat-makers continue to recycle the same played out drum patterns followed by the corniest chord progressions, it is clear that change is needed. An architect of sound and imagination would best describe the producer known as ICYTWAT. Chicago’s very own has relentlessly aimed to achieve success through a catalogue of ingenuity and evolution. While navigating all realms of the music industry it is clear that ICYTWAT will remain dedicated and focused as he continues to rise in the ranks. We caught up with the multi-talented composer to expand on his life and legacy.

While growing up in Chicago it wasn’t much of an idea for ICYTWAT to enter the music industry. “Up until the 8th grade I didn’t know what I wanted to do. School was the main thing”, says ICYTWAT, “But 8th grade is when I heard about Tyler. Tyler, The Creator. Odd Future is a very big influence on me.” After being heavily inspired by what he was witnessing he made the decision to take production seriously and quickly began to neglect anything that wasn’t music. He began to recreate Odd Future instrumentals on Acoustica Mixcraft and his interest evolved into a hobby. “Once that became my hobby everything else was like fuck it. My grades dropped. I dropped out of school to do this shit. My motivation is always the music shit.” The desire to learn and the readiness to achieve drove a young man to develop a work ethic that couldn’t be replicated.

As time went by the gifted producer would find himself creating remixes and later developing the unique sound behind Divine Council that would captivate the world. Fans across the globe soon began to swarm in and display their unconditional support for the producer. The support received only fuels him to work relentlessly until satisfaction is accomplished. His drive for success is a clear indication of the longevity that can be expected. “I wanna be a legend. I wanna be fucking like.. Pharrell status. Timbaland status. I wanna be considered a great and I just wanna make people happy with my music. Just bring a good feeling to music.”


“The message that I’m trying to spread is that you can do anything that you want. Just believe in that shit. Don’t let nobody stop that shit.”

ICYTWAT acknowledges his love for Jazz and the influence it has on his art. His love for Roy Ayers is a major key. “I have a lot of Jazz influences and Funk influences in my music.” Blissful chords accompanied by his rare collection of influential mentors is what separates him from the masses. Being like the rest isn’t a challenge and ICYTWAT recognizes what it takes to achieve legendary status. His perseverance is evident and there is no way to deny his passion. The man will do whatever it takes to get the job done. This is evident while reflecting on the creative process of MILK. “Everybody fucked with the shit and I made it in my closet.”

While others are turning into zombies trying to cash in on clout, it is clear that this isn’t the case. Investing in himself and believing in his craft allows his growth to remain special. “I aspire to be like Pharrell, even like Metro Boomin. To be that guy that has a lot of chart topping songs. Every song on the Billboard I wanna see it produced by ICYTWAT or I wanna have something to do with it. I wanna change the way the music on the radio sounds. I just wanna change the feel of music.”

The world will soon have the name ICYTWAT embedded in their minds. We are excited to see the release of Dream Bwoy coming soon along with more blessings for the talented producer.

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