Uber Driver Smokes Weed With Passenger, Gets Too High & Lets Passenger Take Wheel

Instant legend. And instantly unemployed. The homie @SourMatt had the chillest Uber session of all time when it turned out that his Lexus-driving Uber driver not only smoked the stuff, but was down to smoke the stuff while giving his passenger a ride.

But as you can see below, the driver got so high rolling around Los Angeles that he had to turn the wheel over to Sour Matt–a recent LA transplant who hadn’t driven a car in years. “The man is not an Uber driver…he is a marijuana connoisseur.” A connoisseur that couldn’t quite handle LA’s finest Kush:

So this is what happens when you literally smoke weed everywhere you go. SourMatt, the man behind Shine Paper’s Snapchat and a brand strategist, proves  here what magic can occur when you simply share the wonder of weed with everyone you encounter. You learn things about people, you make unexpected connections, and you end up behind the wheel of a Lexus–even when you haven’t driven a car in years.

As you saw above, it turns out the Uber driver also grows weed. Cause when Uber is your side hustle, you have plenty of time to grow weed. Before he gets into the joint, the Uber driver also whipped out his iPad and started showing Sour Matt pictures of his “all-organic, indoor OG with cheese.” The Uber driver’s jeans, button down polo, and Kangol-hat wearing style clearly contradicts his pot-growing, weed-loving self.


Some might say this man deserves to get fired and reprimanded for his “indiscretion”. That would be erroneous. It’s not like he did a line of coke off the wheel while driving or bang his passenger. In fact, he did the responsible thing by recognizing he was too damn high to drive. Hell, this is good press for Uber if anything. Just last week I had an Uber driver try to sell me painkillers a week ago.

Smoking a little bud while you snail through LA traffic? Aint nothing wrong with that. Cause while stoners may wait for STOP signs to turn green, they certainly pose far less a threat than pill poppers or drunks on the road.



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