This Weed Inhaler is the Future of Cannabis

This may not be the “first” weed inhaler..but it’s definitely the best!

Imagine a world where you can literally get high anywhere. In Colorado, that world now exists thanks to the AeroInhaler. YUP. The vaporizer needs to step aside cause there’s a new discrete way to get high: a THC-infused inhaler.

You read that right. And unlike Berner’s, this one really, legitimately works. While there’s been inhalers with weed in them before, the world has never seen anything quite like this

The AeroInhaler doesn’t just have THC distillate in it but also comes filled with real live resin terpenes. The flavor on this thing is truly righteous.

So far, it’s been released in these Colorado dispensaries in Super Silver Flo. Grape Ape and Sour Diesel flavors.

And the high is kind of perfect if you want to maintain an even buzz without getting too lit throughout the day. With 10 MG per click and a total of 1,000 MGs, this inhaler can last for weeks (or hours).

But the most innovative and user-friendly aspect of this inhaler is it’s convenience. You can literally get high anywhere with the AeroInhaler. Hell, if you got arrested with one of these, you could probably use it in jail without anyone noticing–cause it’s an inhaler!

Here are some places where I may or may not have used this inhaler and where you should use this inhaler:

1) Planes: You think TSA agents have time to worry about an inhaler with hash in it? Hells. No.

2. Sporting Events: If you can get an AeroInhaler through TSA, you can most definitely get it through NBA security games. Why blaze Denver Nuggets when you can inhale them?

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3. Strip Clubs: Not only can you use it without getting thrown out…but this inhaler may or may not get you a free lap dance. Simply put, strippers go NUTS for the AeroInhaler.

4. Weddings: I brought the inhaler to a wedding and let’s just say it was a bigger hit than Bruno Mars. Out of respect to the doctors and lawyers of New Jersey, I must refrain from use.

5. Skiing/Snowboarding: Wind-resistant? Check Mate.

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Where else would you take the AeroInhaler to get high? Drop us a line and let us know below!



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