Wild Stories of Rappers On The Run

Over the weekend, Australian rapper 2pec was caught attempting dine and dash—or, should we say, dine and swim—after consuming $621 worth of seafood at a Gold Coast restaurant. After finishing his meal, 2pec—real name Terry Peck—ran out of the restaurant, down the street, and into the ocean, where he attempted to evade the authorities by swimming away. Needless to say, it didn’t work: soon, police on jet skis had nabbed the would-be freeloader.

The story got our brains rolling over here at Smoker’s Club about some other ridiculous chases featuring some more well-known rappers. Here’s the list:

Rich Homie Quan Escapes By Speedboat

After being denied entry to high-profile club LIV in Miami, Rich Homie Quan hit a bouncer, breaking his nose. To escape the situation, RHQ and his friends crossed the street, hopped on a speedboat, and took off!


Lil Uzi Vert Leads Police on Dirt-Bike Chase

Up and coming Atlanta rapper Lil Uzi Vert—known for “I Do What I Want”—was riding dirt bikes with a friend when their lack of reflective lights caught the attention of Atlanta police. Attempting to out-bike the officers, Uzi biked the wrong way down a one-way street, biked up onto the sidewalk, and crossed five lanes of traffic. After losing control of the bike, Uzi ran on foot until he was caught.


Webbie’s High Speed Highway Chase

Webbie, best known for the 2008 hit “Independent,” was arrested in Hattiesburg, Mississippi for felony eluding after the rapper refused to pull over for Mississippi police and, instead, lead the officers on a high-speed chase down the I-59 Highway, eventually colliding with another vehicle before being arrested.


Kodak Black Evades Arrest

“Tunnel Vision” rapper Kodak Black was in the middle of a drug deal in his native Broward Country, Florida when police officers attempted to arrest Kodak. Fleeing by car, Kodak lead the officers on backroads chase before attempting to discard a gun in a nearby dumpster. The resulting arrest put Kodak behind bars and put a damper on the rapper’s promising young career.


Cap 1 Drives to the Hospital After Getting Shot

After being shot in Atlanta, the southern rapper steeled himself and drove to the hospital, posting the adventure on Instagram while on his way. Cap wrote of the incident “Bitch-ass niggas just shot me two times, pussy-ass niggas … I’m still motherfucking here driving myself to the hospital. Fuck these niggas.” Check the video above.

Honorable Mention: Keak da Sneak Runs On Foot

Bay Area rapper Keak da Sneak, perhaps best-known for his feature on E-40’s 2006 hit “Tell Me When To Go” led Bay Area officers on a quarter-mile chase before running on foot.


And, finally, our personal favorite:

YNT Takes Police on Chase to Promote New Single “Stunt on Purpose”

Houston rapper YNT certainly took a unique tact in promoting his newest single, entitled “Stunt on Purpose.” To attract attention to the project, YNT lead Houston police on a hundred mile an hour chase around the city for two and a half hours in a stolen car to, as he explained “go viral, tryin’ to get famous to get a little money.” The chase only came to an end when YNT turned down a dead end.






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