President Trump Caught With a Weed Inhaler on Air Force One

Stormy Daniels isn’t the only hit President Trump has taken lately. The Donald was photographed exiting Air Force One with a new toy in his hand: a cannabis-infused inhaler called the  “AeroInhaler”.

After returning from a weekend getaway to Aspen, the paparazzi snapped the above photo of Trump with his AeroInhaler. Local insiders tell The Smokers Club that a Trump aide purchased the item at Carbondale’s Rocky Mountain High dispensary along with a cannabis sex lubricant.

Could the stress of presidency finally be getting to the Donald or is this the notoriously sober (he doesn’t consume alcohol) President’s way of kicking back? Trump’s Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee brushed off the allegations.

“That inhaler was not a weed inhaler. The President only consumes CBD (cannabidiol), a non-psychoactive chemical found in cannabis that alleviates stress and stops seizures. CBD has allowed the President to resist the temptation of lashing out at his critics and fake news. You could say the CBD AeroInhaler is Trump’s new Twitter.

And what about that cannabis sex lubricant and its intended use?

“No comment,” Huckabee added.

Crafted in Colorado, the AeroInhaler describes itself as “the world’s first live resin, terpene infused THC inhaler.” There is no mention of CBD on the AeroInhaler website, so Trump either inhaled THC or had access to an unreleased product.

Huckabee added that “The President’s stance on cannabis has not wavered. We are all still not exactly sure what that stance is.”

Now over a year into his term, the 45th president surely isn’t the first to inhaler. But he’s the first to be caught green-handed. In response to Trump’s folly, his fellow world leaders responded.

When asked for comment about Trump’s alleged cannabis use, Vladimir Putin stated that “Weed is for the weak. Real men drink Vodka. I did not think Donald was weak.”

Trump’s Twitter rival Kim Jong Un laughed when he heard the news. “I hope Donald brings one to our meeting to lighten the mood. But I prefer the dabs.”

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