Lucky Charms Marijuana Strain Review

It’s St. Paddy’s Day so we copped some of the hot new marijuana strain Lucky Charms and got highrish because what’s better to do? A clear ode to the Irish luck and the stoner cereal of choice, the Lucky Charms have arrived in the strain0sphere and seem poised to stick around. Here’s a little base information on the strain du jour:

Breeder: Bodhi Seeds

Found At: Kind Love Colorado

AKA: “Pot of Gold”

Genetics: The White x Appalachia (Green Crack x Tres Stardawg)

Type: Hybrid

Aesthetic: As you can see, these flowers are some of the most bodacious, beautiful, and caked ones I’ve seen under a microscope. The trichome coverage is borderline ostentatious and the shiny green coat of leaf is absolutely majestic, as the strain’s The White genetics really shine through:

And here’s how she smokes:

Effect: Average. If you’re a heavy medicator like me, you can smoke this strain pretty all day and all night without getting too foggy or burnt out. Very functioning, very clear, and very pleasant. While there’s no rush or insanely medical aspect, the Lucky Charms strain definitely contains a full-bodied Hybrid vibe.

Flavors: Need to smoke again out of a clean pipe but the Lucky Charms have very sweet and soury taste. Bodhi is basically spot on when he notes that the strain has a “hashy marshmallow chemy fruity funk”. Like the cereal,

Conclusion: A pleasant strain worth sampling but fool’s gold for the true heads in search of a more intense stone. The strain truly looks like a 10 but smokes more like a 7. She’s kind of like a Kardashian without makeup once you puff her. Looks insanely good to the untrained eye, but once you get to know more about her, she’s just not that hot. Still, overall, the Lucky Charms strain is a fresh and ambitious cross that pays fair homage to The White but doesn’t contain that potency.

Photos by Shea



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